Recreational Activities

Many of the local activities center around the civic organizations of the area including the Rotary Club's Quail Flail and the local schools ongoing events. There are always golf tournaments, home-cooked barbeque fundraisers, and home town events happening.

Additionally, the Mitchell County has a very active recreation department which sponsors soccer, baseball, football, and tennis leagues. The Camilla Chamber sponsors many events for the fun and betterment of the citizens of Camilla.

Many of the best times are spent with family and friends around a flaming barbeque pit or in the wilderness listening to the crickets chirp quietly. The Flint River floats lazily by as fishermen cast their lines and hunters crouch in their stands.

Many of the sporting and recreational traditions have been handed down generations by a people who value the importance of family and the hobbies that bring them together. Dew glistens on the grass as another day dawns and yet another newcomer gasps as they take in the wonder and beauty of this area of the South.