Camilla Facts

Camilla Depot/Art Gallery/Camilla Chamber of Commerce
The depot was Camilla’s hub for transporting crops back in the early 1900’s. Through the years, it has been rebuilt and restored. It is currently the city’s welcome center, and where local artists display their art. It is located at the intersection of US Hwy 19 and Broad Street.
212 East Broad Street, Camilla – Call 229-336-5255

Courthouse Square Park, Camilla
Located behind the Mitchell County Courthouse, this lovely green space showcases the grove of six majestic Live Oaks. These massive oaks, over 200 years old, are listed on the Georgia Register of “Landmark and Historic Trees.”
11 West Broad Street, Camilla

The Spirit of Camilla, Camilla
This locomotive, formally known as Engine #9, was refurbished through the efforts of citizens in the community.
109 West Broad Street, Camilla

McRee Hall, Camilla
McRee Hall is an old family mansion that was built in 1906 by James Price McRee, for his new bride. This mansion was significant for its southern elegance and charm. It was later restored and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
181 East Broad Street, Camilla

Post Office Murals
Two Post Offices located in Mitchell County display murals from struggling artist during the depression. “Theme of the South” by Laura G. Douglas is on display in the Camilla Post Office, and “Pelham Landscape” by Georgina Klitgaard in the Pelham Post Office.

Mitchell County Courthouse
The Mitchell County Courthouse, built in 1936, is well known for its architecture and construction from beautiful white Georgia marble. It is located in downtown Camilla. This courthouse was the site of the 1868 “Camilla Massacre”, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.
11 West Broad Street, Camilla

Sunset Historical Cemetery, Camilla
This cemetery is the burial place for some of Mitchell County’s pioneer citizens, with the oldest documented grave being 1871. It is also registered on the Georgia Landmark and Historic Tree Register.
202 East Oakland Avenue, Camilla

Camilla Depot


Courthouse Square Park

Mitchell County Courthouse