Highway - Divided by U.S. Highway 19, Camilla offers quick access to Interstate 75 and is less than two hours away from major metropolitan centers including Albany (GA), Tallahassee (FL), Columbus (GA), Bainbridge (GA) and Valdosta (GA). Camilla is approximately 3 1/2 hours driving distance from Atlanta and approximately 45 minutes by air.

Railroad - The Gulf and Ohio railway runs parallel to U.S. Highway 19, providing a convenient way for industry to transport their products and materials.

Airport - The Camilla-Mitchell County Airport has a 4000 foot lighted runway that provides easy accessibility for private planes and corporate jets. Local commuter services available out of the Albany Airport.

Public Transportation - Mitchell County Transit offers citizens tranportation options including mini-buses and charter buses.

Waterways - Camilla is 15 minutes from a the Flint River which runs through the county. The port city of Bainbridge is approximately 40 minutes drive time from Camilla.

Telephone Services

The City of Camilla provides telephone and cable service to residential customers and has recently signed an agreement to offer high speed cable modem access to the Internet and other services, a service rarely available in rural Georgia. This will allow businesses and individuals to not only access the Internet more quickly, but allow professionals to locate in Camilla and telecommute on a real time basis to offices around the world. Additionally, other services available via fiber optic cable connections will become available to local residents. Some features of the telephone services include, but not limited to:

Call Waiting, Caller ID, Voice Mail,
Return Call, Call Forwarding,
Anonymous Call Rejection and
Three Way Call


AT&T is also telecommunications provider for the Camilla Area. Many state of the art services are available to the local area including: Advanced Calling Features, Messaging Services, ISDN services, and more.